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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hoover's Family

Mom took me to the city library today.  The author of this book, Mearl Santos, was there reading her story about Hoover.  After she was done reading, Hoover came in and all the kids got to meet him.  He was a big basset hound and so soft!

Halo House also came into the library and shared a few dogs that were up for adoption. This was Abbit.  He was very friendly and spend a lot of time in my lap!

I wish we could have brought him home!  He was found abandoned and protecting his son.  His son has already been adopted out, but Abbit is still at Halo House.  Hoover kept chasing Abbit until he hid behind Mommy's skirt.  Abbit really liked Mommy.  I think he knew that she was a good mommy, just like he was a good daddy, protecting his son out in the elements.