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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mimi's Cafe

I went to "Mimi's Cafe" for dinner with my Great Grammie Pat and Grandpa Jim! Grammie and Grandpa were there along with my mom and dad. As we were leaving, I ran out and thought that my dad was right there beside me.

From behind me, I heard my dad's voice, "Hey, is that your new family?!"

Silly me! Dad was not right beside me, but since Dad was being silly, I thought I'd go along with it. I grabbed the hand of the man next to me and proceeded to walk half way to his car with him. He was a nice man and turned around to walk me back to me REAL family! I was a little ticked because I thought it would be a fun adventure to visit with another family.

Dad explained that if I did go with him, I would never see my REAL family again because this guy didn't know where we lived. I settled down a little.

(Good thing Mom didn't see all of this happen!)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love to say Cheese

I love to say Cheese-ah

Snuggley cars, Nick? I think that is very funny!
Love, Your Mommy

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reading and Soda

Reading stories with my Daddy is a bedtime routine, though I prefer my Mommy because I haven't seen her since before lunch time.

My mom thinks it's funny when I drink soda. I think it's silly too, as it tickles my nose, mouth and throat! It gives me the shivers!!

Lizard Lips

I found this little lizard outside of our apartment and caught him pretty quickly. I think he was hurt already because he was so slow. I put him back in the dirt by a tree so he could go and find his family.


Hangin' out with some friends on the last warm day before fall.